22:years logotype for the artist Pontus Karlsson

The Draughtsman

Pontus Karlsson is a painter based in Sweden and a keen draughtsman who loves to produce drawings for future paintings an "En Plein Air" on remote and often hostile locations worldwide. His art is a mixture of analysis of composition and color contra a physical expressive painting style.

A canvas becomes a play area for light and color. An image is formed in mind and becomes visible in the physical world through brushstrokes. I try to translate this idea into an experience for the viewer.

For the most part, self-taught, Pontus is obsessed with classical painting techniques and art history. According to himself, the art from the past has been the most excellent teacher. His father taught him how to draw, and he has since then practiced frenetically to master it.

The self-chosen distance from society's norms and rules through country living made his love and admiration for nature grow. Pontus started to paint landscapes in 2017 that express his passion for nature and the fear of losing it.

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